Home page mods

My site is wave.nstravelapp.ca
I want to:
- change the Home menu link to point to the root domain, instead of mysite.com/home
- change the phrase "Home Page" in the <title> section to "Welcome"
Can't find the Home page in the list of pages in the layout editor, although there IS one named home_index. Where can I make changes to the home page template?
Bernd Hansen Basic on 02/27/17 at 08:32 in mooSocial templates
1 Answer(s)
figured out how to do it - changed the url value for the home-index page to "/" in the layout mgr. Also, was able to customize the top nav area by changing default.ctp in the app/view/layouts folder.
Also discovered the Html block in the list of blocks in the layout manager, which lets me place custom content on any page.
Bernd Hansen Basic on 03/01/17 at 12:22
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