How to create and use the product attributes of Store plugin

    The first condition, you are a seller. 

    How to create the product attributes of Store plugin

    1. Go to Attributes --> Create Attributes tab to create new attribute and Sub Attribute

       #1: Input attribute name

       #2: Select Category. Select another category except Main Category to create Sub Attribute

       #3: Check on "Enable" attribute to show this attribute at Product


       - Save button: click on Save button to save attribute and go to Manage Attributes tab

       - Apply button: click on on Apply button to save attribute

       - Cancel button: click on Cancel button to cancel and go to Manage Attributes tab

    2. Go to Attributes --> Manage Attributes tab to mange attribute and Sub attribute


       - Add New option: Click on Atcion button -> Select Add New option to add new attribute/ new sub attribute


       #1: Select attribute

       #2: Click on Action -> show options:

             - Enable option to show attribute at Product

             - Disable option to not show attribute at Product

             - Delete option to delete attribute is selected


       - Click on icon at Enable column to show/ not show attribute at product

       - Click on on Edit to edit attribute

       - Click on Delete to delete attribute

       - Click on Sub to go to Sub Attribute of main attribute


    How to use the product attributes of Store plugin

    * Note: To use attribute, you must be have at least one Sub Attribute in Main attribute


    Go to your product --> Attribute tab


       1. Click on 'Add attribute' button to add


       2. On popup, click 'Add' button to display attributes. Seller can choose/ remove attribute, add number of an attribute.


       3. Click on Select to add attributes. Display the selected attributes


       4. Click on Apply/ Save button to complete the creation product process. Attribute is displayed at product


    Hope it helps.


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