Store Plugin Backend Manage

    Manage Sellers

    • Featured Sellers (Add sellers to featured seller section)
    • Enable/Disable Sellers
    • Search a Seller

    Manage Categories

    • Add/Delete Categories
    • Enable/Disable Categories
    • Order Categories 
    • Search a Category

    Manage Products

    • Approve/Disapprove products
    • Featured/Unfeatured products to make them appear/disappear at the featured product section
    • Search Products by name, category, keyword and seller

    Manage Orders

    • View an Order
    • Search Orders by keyword, billing name, status and from the date range

    Manage Report Products

    • Approve/Unapprove a reported product
    • Delete a reported product

    Manage Packages

    • Unable/Disable Featured Product and Featured Store Package
    • Edit Package including : Name, Price, Period (number of days a product appear on featured section), Remind before (number of days to remind before expired)

    Manage Payments

    • Enable/Disable the payments
    • Edit Payment Name and Description


    Manage Shipping Methods

    • Edit Name of the Shipping method


    Manage transactions

    • Search transaction based on Keyword status and package type


    Store Settings

    • Auto Approve products and sellers after creating
    • Set the number of products per page
    • Set the number of products on wishlist per page
    • Set the number of orders item per page
    • Set the number of latest products per page
    • Set number of related products per page
    • Set the number of sale products per page
    • Set Order prefix
    • Set Site Profit (in percentage) shared with a site owner
    • Set the number of products of featured items/featured stores section
    • Enable/disable Store list
    • Set the number of stores per page
    • Enable/disable buy featured Products
    • Enable/disable buy featured stores
    • Enable shipping
    • Enable bypass force login
    • Set the number of files per page
    • Set file extension
    • Integrate credit into the checkout process
    • show money type for product: normal value (in currency), credit value and both
    • Set video items per page
    • Set PayPal type: adaptive or express checkout
    • Allow user who buy a product can review a seller
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