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  • This is a discussion group for mooSocial's Live News plugin. Have ideas, suggestions, questions regarding Live News plugin? Please post them here.

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  • GeorgiosT
    There is a way to prevent pages from appearing in Google search results from the Live News Plugin

    I've found countless pages with a negative result because all pages are deleted after 15 days

    And this only bad, it does on my site, we need to find a way right now, not to crawl the content from these pages
  • GeorgiosT
    When you place a block from the Live News Plugin in some news, you do not show the thumbnail, and it looks ugly
  • GeorgiosT
    I would like to make a comment with the appearance of news in the news feed

    In the mobile app, the news appears much nicer than the computer

    Check out the snapshots and you will understand what I mean, bigger picture much nicer

    I would like the mobile app to appear on the computer as well, it's easy to do it
  • GeorgiosT
    An Observation, in many publications, in the News Feeds, the picture does not appear in the center, if it can be corrected immediately, it's not nice at all
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    • Mark
    • GeorgiosT
  • Craig L
    • Live News Plugin
      This is a discussion group for mooSocial's Live News plugin. Have ideas, suggestions, questions regarding Live News...
  • GeorgiosT
    I currently have 35256 News on my site

    A command to delete all news can not be added

    To be erased every ten, all this, I want a week
  • Kent Lam (mooSupport)
    Live News plugin Version 1.9 is release Compatibility: moosocial3.0.2 Change log: + Fixed : Can not auto delete news issue + Added some phrase missing on livenews.po Please go...
  • GeorgiosT
    The European Parliament on Wednesday voted on the proposal for a directive on "intellectual property rights in the digital single market", forcing Facebook, Google and other technology giants to share more revenue with European media, publishers and other creative industries.

    The motion was adopted with 438 votes in favor, 226 against and 39 abstentions. The debate focused on two points.

    The former obliges technology giants to pay a price to publishers and media owners if they republish an art...  more
  • Michel
    French file has been updated
  • GeorgiosT
    Why it has not been upgraded to version 3.0.2

    Live News – moo-Livenews-1.8 for mooSocial 3.0.1+

    Below, the link is wrong
    Toggle Site for Maintenance - mooSocial
    1. Login to your admin dashboard 2. Under System Admin > System Settings > Click System Mode Tab 3. Tick the site offline checkbox to enable the...
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    • GeorgiosT
    • GeorgiosT
  • Michel
    Please help me to translate what i can not found in livenews.po..
    Just say me in wat file I can find this :

  • GeorgiosT
    An error with the photo in the news

    See the snapshot