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Eddie   created a new topic
System email campaign
Hi guys this is how you template your system emails to suit your website theme. Now there is a little coding involved to achieve this but once none it will pimp your emails like the professionals....
Eddie   created a new topic
Close Network default text change
Hi all, this is the file to change the default text for Close Network landing widget:- \app\View\Widgets\user closeNetworkSignup.ctp Start at line:94 I have highlighted in red which...
ooh I see now that I may not be able to change landing page background color that simply
Can anyone tell me how to locate the file for the landing page so that i can edit it please....
Many thanks @ketkew with your help i have found it, in version 2.41 it actually starts on line 23, but mission is now accomplished many thanks......
Hi Guys

I am currently running 2.3 ( is 2.3 compatable) i want to update to the latest version. I have asked my host Hostiso to upgrade for me. They have tried and said it is impossible, and it maybe a third party plugin causing the problem ? The only plugin i have i think is Comet chat, is the latest version compatable with Comet chat ? Also i have the pay pal gateway enabled ( could this be causing the problem. Hostiso have suggested it is a plugin that is causing the problem. Do we need to ...  more
many thanks for the advice guys, i decided on a new and fresh install direct using the latest version. Now i wonder if either of you can help me, i am looking to edit the splash / landing page but i am unable to locate it. I did it before in version 2.3 but i cannot seem to find the correct place in version 2.4. If you could point me in the right direction to locate the file/ page that would be great. :-)
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