/bin/sh: Console/cake: not found

Hello All;
I need some help with this one. I had setup a cron job (for i in {1..100}; do cd /home/admin/web/*siteremoved*.com/public_html/app/ & Console/cake cron run 3FSE@; done) for the amazon AWS/S3 features, however I get this error in my email once per minute. The system only seems to transfer images to Amazon when I click around my site. Otherwise it sits idle.
I'd like for it to run automatically as a background process on the server. Maybe this won't be an issue once I allow people to sign up and start using the site; but while I have it under development it makes me a bit nervous to only have 60Gb available on my web server.
Any ideas how to fix it so the cron job doesn't generate an error? 
Im running Ubuntu server 16.04.
Thank you.
Russ de Ment Basic on 04/15/17 at 09:12 Edited in Other
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I'm running 16.04 too.
You need the StorageTaskAwsCron.php patch
Telling us the error in the email would have helped. I was getting an error about Console/cake not being found.
I had to make Console/cake executable -  
cd /home/admin/web/*siteremoved*.com/public_html/app/
then  chmod +x Console/cake
I have * * * * * for i in {1..100}; do cd/home/admin/web/*siteremoved*.com/public_html/app/ && Console/cake cron run 3FSE@; done
in my crontab - note the &&
I also increased the number of tasks in Task Settings from 1 to 6 this ensured the transfer task ran every minute.
Not sure if there's any downside leaving this setting at 6 but it worked for me.
Geoff Forster Basic on 04/16/17 at 10:07
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