2.6.1 or updated Plugins?

How are we looking for updated plugins for 2.6?  I purchased this script 30 days ago, and still cannot use it. (It doesn't make sense to downgrade my server to run an older version to have the plugins working.)  I heard 2.6.1 was coming this week, and plugin updates would follow.  Is there a release date for a complete, working script?
Russ de Ment Basic on 05/05/17 at 10:17 in Other
2 Answer(s)
2.6.1 is almost done and will be released for sure nextweek. A few plug-ins are ready for 2.6 please give us around one more week to finish testing all.
Mark Gold badges on 05/05/17 at 10:45
Is it possible we may see this tomorrow?
Russ de Ment Basic on 05/11/17 at 18:05
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