Unique usernames

Ok, I am still a bit confused about the username vs full name functionality.
If I dont' want users to use full names (as full names are not unique - so it's difficult for search) what are my options with username?
Ultimately I want to be able to do 1 of these 2 solutions:
Option 1
1) How do I enable a unique username (allowing the user to enter at point of sign-up and then not able to change it)
2) How do I display username on the Profile pop up box / profile / edit profile etc
Option 2
How do I enable full name to be unique (as then i can rename it to username via translation)
mark Basic on 05/24/17 at 14:33 in mooSocial features
2 Answer(s)
Ok, it would be good if this could be added as an enhancement or plugin. Thanks.
mark Basic on 05/24/17 at 23:10
We need to modify core if you want to do that. Do not have option in admincp to configure in current version.
Mark Gold badges on 05/24/17 at 22:35
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