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I've searched but have not been able to find a way to manually upgrade or add a member. This would be helpful in my case because I offer a free trial package but want to upgrade some of them to a free lifetime memberships for their service, without them having to pay. Please consider this as it would also benefit other site owners in marketing and populating their site. Thanks
Stacy Basic on 06/19/17 at 14:29 in mooSocial features
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Please follow these steps:

1. Login as the member you want to upgrade.
2. Upgrade to "lifetime" package on be half of him.
3. Do not make payment at payment stage.
4. Login as Admin.
5. Go to "system admin" -> subscription -> Manage Subscribers
6. Find the member you just upgraded for him, then active his subscription at "Action" column without payment.
Mark Gold badges on 08/04/17 at 07:01
Mark this is the only option available. I am currently using 3.0
I followed your instructions. For some reason I'm unable to log into my admin if I'm not logged into my site at the same time so I had to
1. login as user,
2. click manage,
3. upgrade the member as instructed,
4. logged out of site,
5. logged back in as admin,
6. then login to admin panel as instructed
but I still don't see the option. 

Stacy Basic on 01/11/18 at 18:12 Edited
Thanks Mark
Stacy Basic on 01/04/18 at 09:35
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