I purchased a small pluggin as a trial the Scroll to the top.. In the instructions it says to open zip files the file I received was already open how do i upload this to the site .  I am not feelilng comfortable at all.
Nancy A McEntire Basic on 07/07/16 at 22:47 in mooSocial plugins
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Hi Nancy,
Here is the info in the installation guide.txt of Scroll to the top plugin:

*** You follow these steps to install "Scroll To Top" module

1. Upload "app" folder and their contents to your site (allow overwrite old files).

2. Go to Admin Dashboard >>> Plugins Manager >>> Manager.

3. Open tab "Not Installed Plugins" and find "Scroll To Top" click install.

4. To configure this plugin, please go to: Admin Dashboard >>> Plugins Manager >>> Scroll To Top.

5. Go to Admin Dashboard >>> Clear Global Caches
Just follow exactly the steps above to install. 
In case you can't install, please contact us at
Mark Gold badges on 07/08/16 at 00:22
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