Why smtp not working on moosocial for sending emails?

I have enablled smtp mail settings in my domain, but the emails are not being forworded, if i choose builtin mail function emails are properly sent,
It seems there is issue with config or moosocial core,
Tested that smtp setting with other apps and worked, 
My smtp is working perfectly
Any ideas how can it be fixed?
Irfan Korai Basic on 05/09/18 at 19:43 in mooSocial plugins
3 Answer(s)
dear Moosoocial, has this been solved? im facing the same problem
Mohammad Noorfaiz Basic on 11/21/19 at 22:07

Mark Gold badges

Yes, it's resolved. If you still have a problem please contact us we will help.
on 11/23/19 at 08:10

it is!
Irfan Korai Basic on 05/10/18 at 17:46
Ok that was issue with the config, i wasnt able to send emails as the files were not being edited in admin dashboard
i had to change config in
now its being sent via smtp :)
Irfan Korai Basic on 05/10/18 at 17:34
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