At the end of each user name there is a 's, there is some reason

GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 10/15/18 at 11:21 in mooSocial features
2 Answer(s)
If today is my birthday, it will show "Mark's birthday is today". I think it makes sense right?
Mark Gold badges on 10/16/18 at 09:33

Mike Basic

Absolutely not in Europe, elsewhere I do not know, but in Europe you do not add anything to name
on 11/01/18 at 22:00

Mike Basic

about birthday the right phrase for us is "Today it's Mark birthday" or "Birthday from Marck is today"
on 11/01/18 at 22:03
My question is about the letter, ( 's, )symbolizing something, why it exists, after the name?
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 10/16/18 at 12:25
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