Moo Should Update Cake and PHP 7.2

Moo 3.1 works for me on PHP 7.1 but not PHP 7.2. Moo still uses Cake 2+. I think Moo should upgrade and use latest Cake 3+ on PHP 7.2. This would be a very fast/secure combo.
Jimmy Basic on 01/31/19 at 19:15 Edited in Server - hosting
2 Answer(s)
Will upgrade to php 7.2 +.
Upgrade to cake 3:  will take a lot of time to test. We already have plan for it but not at high priority for now.
Mark Gold badges on 01/31/19 at 23:04
You guys could have a testing team/person like car manufacturers have racing teams. Probably get a lot of innovation that way. Coding is evolving every day now.
Jimmy Basic on 02/02/19 at 08:37
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