How do I build the Android App?

Hi. I’m sure I’m not the only one that asked this, but I can’t find any info or instructions on the subject. 

Is there ANY WAY for us to build the Android app ourselves? I wasn’t sure what I’d get when I bought the Android app to extend my social site, but Android studio doesn’t recognize it as a buildable app, and the ONLY instructions I can find on this day to go to a plug in in my admin dashboard, mooapp, that doesn’t exist. 

Members in Philippines say they can’t load the website because it’s requiring more memory than their phones will allow, so I wanted to rush an Android app to them so I don’t lose members. But there’s no instructions? 

I’m beyond confused, and I usually can figure things out pretty fast. 

Also having no luck getting Chat to work. Installed node on my cPanel server, per instruction, then selected the second option to run it in the background since it wouldn’t recognize the last command from the first option, but still it says it’s not running right and chat won’t work. 

I really appreciate the hard work Moosocial team puts into this app, but can y’all please think about providing real instructions that show us how to actually set things up? Even on questions asked previously on the Android app, instead of explaining on here how they needed to do it, the team said they wanted to handle it in email where no one could learn how to do it....?  
Matthew Shempert Basic on 02/20/19 at 08:03 in Android app
1 Answer(s)
With the current rest-api plugin you can create a basic Android app:
ketkew Bronze badges on 02/25/19 at 03:35
It wont work with the Rest-API included in the source code of the Android app? The team told me it was all in there already but maybe it was misunderstood. I'll buy that too if it's needed to run it.
on 02/25/19 at 16:52
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