User's having hard times receiving validation e-mails.

Alright, I know it is not MooSocial's problem but the more my website grows more I'm facing with this issue. So, as you know that Hostiso is a partner of Moo and they provide Moo compatible hosting. And again as you know the more your user number rises it creates more e-mail trafficking because of every single action in the website delivers notification mails to them and standard mail services that hosting provides can not handle the traffic anymore.
Before couple months (when I got over 4000 members) I started to hear complaints that user's never receive the validation emails in their inbox nor in the junk folders.

Last couple months the amount of complaints increased way more and now I'm often have to deal with complaints and confirm user's accounts manually almost every day. In order to test and see how e-mails are delaying on delivery sometime I just explain them that due to high traffic, servers are putting things in order so they may have the mail later but then following days they come back to tell me they never received anything.

For a couple months I kept the ''Spam Challenges'' activated but then I realized it was bugged and not working properly.. Some people were saying putting the right answer would not let them move on and give them error as the answer wasn't correct. Even though I did wrote the right answers with exact caps and details still wouldn't work for some users.

My question is, how do you take care of this problem without recommending me to disabling email validation, I would never ever do that because I'm very easily having spambots already even when reCAPTCHA and email validation is on. I can not give up on security at all.

All you guys are using Amazon SES or something instead of default mail services? If you do, isn't it costs too much as it is pay per mail service?

Thank you very much!
Buğra Bodur Basic on 03/11/19 at 21:35 in Server - hosting
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I'm using a third part (dutch) provider for my dns and mail (smtp) traffic. I pay 60 euro annually and until now no problems (ok my site is less bigger than yours wink)
ketkew Bronze badges on 03/12/19 at 02:34
Hmm.. Looks like I have to look for something like that as well. Otherwise default mail services can not even deal 40-50 mails per day.
on 03/12/19 at 08:35
@ketkew how these mail service providers are being called? Those are different than mail marketers I suppose.
on 03/15/19 at 04:58
on 03/15/19 at 05:06

ketkew Bronze badges

I don't have a specific "email" provider. The dutch provider which I have is just a hosting package with DNS+SMTP mail included. So this is what I setup: = the website (moosocial) = the domain which handle and store mail traffic (smtp) contains a catch all address: contains a forward rule, that all mails which are send to are being forwarded to

On  more
on 03/18/19 at 04:22
I notice that the new members on my site do not activate their account via email, so I manually do it to those I know
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 03/13/19 at 00:38
For my case it's not ok to activate manually That would be the case if it was a secret community or something but it's a public community and 5 out of 10 members daily complains about not receiving validation mails.
on 03/13/19 at 07:27
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