Locked out of Admin cPanel

was playing in the admin panel of my development site earlier, tried to save a new page layout in blogs, everything just hung, closed the page, relaunched moosocial and I'm locked out of the admin panel, but I can still log into the frontend, Helpppp
FINBARR BURKE Basic on 03/23/19 at 13:03 in Other
2 Answer(s)
lol, was staring at the login, noticed by pc clock was wrong, updated it, once my pc was on the right time I could login.
FINBARR BURKE Basic on 03/23/19 at 13:19
everything is okay now right?
Mark Gold badges on 03/23/19 at 20:13
Yes, BUT, moosocial should display an error message for this like other sites do. It was luck that I discovered the reason for the lockout
on 03/25/19 at 05:02
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