Business Page Ban / Unban Feature

I was testing Business page and was wondering what "Ban" feature does to users.
I banned one of the member in the business page for test.
After I banned him, I logged into that account to see if anything happened.
The account was still able to view and do anything that he could've done.
What should I do at this point?
Is there a plugin that I'm supposed to install for ban/unban?
Kim Basic on 07/03/19 at 23:15 in mooSocial features
1 Answer(s)
If you banned someone, he/she can't follow your business page again. He/she also be removed from follower list
Mark Gold badges on 07/04/19 at 22:16

Kim Basic

He/she can still view the contents within the business page. If he/she is banned, shouldn't he/she have no access to the business page at all?
on 07/04/19 at 22:28
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