Problem opening the site

I would like to share a problem that I have for a long time now
Every day I open the computer and click on the link on my webpage, I have the following message, what can happen
I do not have this problem on any other website, just on my own website
Hm. We have a problem finding the site.

We can not connect to the server at

If the address is correct, there are three other things you can try:

     Please try again later.
     Check your network connection.
     If you are logged in, but under the supervision of a firewall, check if Firefox is licensed to access the Internet.


GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 07/19/19 at 14:20 in mooSocial features
1 Answer(s)
it's something relate to your server. You should contact hosting to ask.
Mark Gold badges on 07/20/19 at 22:22

GeorgiosT Bronze badges

I have mentioned the problem was not found some solutions
on 07/21/19 at 01:57
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