how do i find what version i am using

searched the FAQs and can't find version info on admin control panel.  I think I need to upgrade but is there a way to find out what version I am using?
David Scott Basic on 08/11/19 at 16:32 in mooSocial features
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In admin panel home page, see
If you can't see it, please go to system setting and check option "Show all moosocial branding", see
Mark Gold badges on 08/11/19 at 22:12
In the latest moosocial the version is not displayed anymore in the admin. I'm not gonna check "Show all moosocial branding" because I do not want my users to see that information on the site. So How am I able to check the version in that case?(and why is this feature removed in the admin..)
ketkew Bronze badges on 08/12/19 at 03:12

Mark Gold badges

you can turn it on then turn it off right a way to check.
Some of our clients don't want to show "mooSocial" at any places include in admin panel, that why we provide this option for them to hide it at all places.
on 08/12/19 at 21:10
thanks guys
David Scott Basic on 08/12/19 at 17:51
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