Photo View Display Order

Using the photo theatre, I'd like to change the display order from the current photo ID descending, to photo ID acending, so that older photos are shown first.
I've tried changing $order in Model/Photo.php , this changes how the thumbnails are ordered, it also nicely changes the order on the feed, but the prev/next links on the photo viewer are still following the ID dec order??
Any ideas where I change this?
BrianD Basic on 09/09/19 at 07:44 in mooSocial plugins
1 Answer(s)
For anyone looking for this, I managed to solve it.
The main query is cakephp of course.
In app/Plugin/Photo/Controller/PhotosController.php  roughly at line 820  I added     'order'=>'id ASC',       just after the value field.
BrianD Basic on 09/12/19 at 08:42
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