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Hello, how can you completely change the language of the chat?
I have translated the .po file, but not all variables are included.
The missing variables are in
/moosocial/app/plugin/chat/webroot/js/client/utils/locale/eng.js i copied and translated those into a deu.js and in the file /moosocial/app/Plugin/Chat/webroot/js/client/utils/ChatMooI18n.js on line 20 deu: { translation: require ("./locale/deu.js")
added for german. Where does this have to be changed now?
Thank you
Jens Steinführer
Jens Steinführer Basic on 10/27/19 at 07:28 in mooSocial plugins

Tan TT Basic

Please follow:

Note Step 7: we go to the folder public_htm/app/Plugin/Chat/webroot/js/client and run the command line “npm install” for installing module dependencies . After installing the dependencies , we run the next command line “npm run build” for creating the bundle file in production mode.
on 10/30/19 at 03:31
Thanks Tan TT
on 11/05/19 at 18:31
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