Bulk mail problem

I want to send bulk mail but it is not working. For the same text test is working.
I add this line to crontab , could u help me?
1 * * * * root wget -qO- 'http://www.*****.com/cron/task/run?key=****' &&> /dev/null
Bonuskg Basic on 02/11/20 at 04:03 Edited in mooSocial features
3 Answer(s)
Hi Kudret,
We tested bulk email at your site and saw that it's working. It's a bit delayed as the bulk email will send automatically using crontab.
Please test again.
Mark Gold badges on 02/11/20 at 20:39
how did u test it? I didn't get any email for my registered account? 
is it possible to monitor email queue?
Bonuskg Basic on 02/12/20 at 05:24
It's more better if you send us a ticket, support team will check and let you now.
Please make sure you check spam folder. Email may be marked as spam
Mark Gold badges on 02/12/20 at 20:41
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