Please i just downloaded the relationship plugin. but when i move the apps to html_public/app/plugin... i went to plugin manager it did say file cannot read...
i tried again to unzip the file and move the relationship folder, from plugin manager it read the version and successfully install.. but going to setting to set some parameters i can see some images were not displayed and if you go to web page user account to fill the relationship status.. the page cannot save.
can anyone guide me better way to install. Thanks
Olabige Michael Basic on 04/29/20 at 08:56 in mooSocial plugins
2 Answer(s)
Okay, feel free to ask if you have any other questions.
Mark Gold badges on 05/01/20 at 22:57
Sorted out, i have to extract the folder.. then open and upload each folder to each section in the cpanel
Olabige Michael Basic on 04/29/20 at 09:45
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