email approval for verification

Hi all,
we are using email approval for accout verification.
Sometimes it works fine but sometimes our system didn't send approval mail to users, when we force resend approval mail our system don't send mail.
do u have any idea?
Bonuskg Basic on 08/04/20 at 04:06 in mooSocial features
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Is the cronjob for tasks running? (check admin > tasks)
ketkew Bronze badges on 08/04/20 at 06:09
we have entry and sometimes it is working sometimes not.
we have two app on same server, test and prod, their keys were same, 
do we have to have seperate keys for all apps?
* * * * * wget -qO- '' --no-check-certificate &&> /dev/null
0 0 * * * wget -qO- '' &&> /dev/null

* * * * * wget -qO- '' --no-check-certificate &&> /dev/null
Bonuskg Basic on 08/04/20 at 07:00
should also check spam folder to see if email come there or not.
Mark Gold badges on 08/05/20 at 22:30

Bonuskg Basic

hi Mark,
I check our smtp server logs and I see that our app didn't send mail some of users.
Is there any log file where I can check mail process?
on 08/10/20 at 10:58



for example on smtp server I can see users 877 and  879 confirmation mail but 878 and 880's mail is not send to smtp server


Bonuskg Basic on 08/10/20 at 11:00
hi Mark,
ı try to resend mail from admin console and I check .../app/tmp/logs/mail.log  there is no log for this action.
I think there is something wrong for user definition and because of this our mail service is not trying to send mail.
Do u have any idea?
Bonuskg Basic on 08/18/20 at 03:35
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