What's the plan?

good day
one (or more) very simple short questions.
is moosocial insolvent and the project terminated?
the last update was a year ago.
Your roadmap was not followed either.
What are the plans?

greetings torsten
Torsten Pfennig Basic on 01/26/21 at 17:47 in Other
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Usually nowadays the design, content and background programming are designed so that one of the three areas can be changed at any time without affecting the other areas.
When trying to modernize the design now, one must have noticed that this was not so successful in the previous script.
This means going through every single element of the platform again. And that was probably underestimated.
We buyers would be more helpful if we were put off to "soon" less and communicated which problem solutions we are currently working on and which list of todos are still pending before the system is released for update.
I understand that you have to test a lot before approval and you don't want to deliver a half-finished system.
But I also understand the displeasure of script buyers who relied on the statement that they would be able to use a new update in August 2020, which is still not available now (end of January 2021).
For many, the update authorization has expired in the meantime.
I have renewed the update authorization myself, but hope that a special offer will be made for buyers who have dropped out of the update authorization between August and the final release date.
greetings Jens Steinführer
Jens Steinführer Basic on 01/27/21 at 04:06 Edited
i have to pay the full update.... not ok also. it would be gread if there is comming a payback or help with installing chat for example
on 12/24/21 at 05:03
Hello torsten and Jens,
Thanks for your feedback!
We're working on the new version and plugins now.  The roadmap is the same but the plan has been changed. mooSocial new version 3.1.5 is done and ready to release but we can't official release now. We need to upgrade all templates, plugins, apps to make sure they work with new version. We can't release the new version but the plugins are not compatible yet. The upgrading progress for plugins now is more than 60% and we're working very hard every day to try to get them done asap. 
Best Regards,
Mark Gold badges on 01/28/21 at 23:18
What an unacceptable repetitive response. I'm sorry I invested in an expensive package without a single update in one full year and then some with no beneficial improvements. I'm done and moved on. Seemed so hopeful when I signed on.
on 02/10/21 at 22:45
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