Events listing

Also another question:
Events..  past events are being displayed oldest to newest..  
Event 2010jan01
Even 2010Jan15
Event 2011
Event 2012
Event 2020
Event 2021jan01
Event 2021feb15
Customer wants opposite direction of display.. newest to oldest so the most recent event is listed at the top oldest past event listed at the bottom.
Can you tell me what file//line//code to replace?
Daniel Fielden Basic on 07/02/21 at 11:44 in mooSocial features
1 Answer(s)
You can go to file "app/Plugin/Event/Model/Event.php" find row "case 'past':" insert after this row "$this->order = 'Event.from desc';"

Tung Vu Basic on 07/04/21 at 09:40
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