MooSocial 3.1.4 and Events Listing

You showed me what file/line to edit to make the Events Browse Page display events from newest to oldest.
However, I still need two more things done for this to work for us.
1.  Categories is collapsed by default.  I need it expanded by default so the categories are listed to the left as soon as a member goes to any of the events pages.
2.  If a member clicks on one of the categories, the events are listed oldest at top to newest at bottom.  I need this to be newest at top to oldest at bottom
Any help in getting this done would be greatly appreciated.
Daniel Fielden Basic on 08/01/21 at 14:37 in mooSocial features
1 Answer(s)
It's bit complicated and need to changes at many places. Please submit a custom development request to
Mark Gold badges on 08/01/21 at 21:45
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