Moosocial 3.1.4 and tags

If I input a tag on a post then view the post, I can see all tags on the post, if I then click on one of the tags that is displayed it will search the site and display all with that tag.
But if I use the top search bar and type in the same tag wording no items with the tag show up in the search results..  Only items with that "tag wording" in the description or body of the post show up..
It seems that there are 2 different search methods..
Shouldn't tags be searchable in the main search bar?
Perhaps I'm missing a setting or something?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Daniel Fielden Basic on 10/30/21 at 16:56 in Other
1 Answer(s)
They are 2 different search methods, If you type keyword into top search bar, it will search items that title or body includes the keyword. 
Mark Gold badges on 11/05/21 at 06:36
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