I need some feedbacks to this questions before i purchase moosocial

Hello sir,
I didnt get my answers and i dont understand what you mant by "close as
it's duplication. let's discuss at other ticket.".
I want to buy this product moosocial, i love its uniqueness and designs,
But i have some few questions and i would be so glad if you would get back
to me as soon as possible.

My first question is:
I have no idea in installing this Moosocial, i wanna know if the support is
free and you will help me with the installation to the fullest. I have no
idea about all the msql stuff and process, So i will be glad if your
response turns out positive.
I am making this inquiries first to make me understands your basics and if
it complies to my needs, i will purchase with immediate effect. I am
purchasing the Standard licence.

my 2nd question is,
I want to make the site a sub domain, is this possible? Making it a sub
domain directly? Moreover, after purchasing with $149, Is it a Lifetime
process?? And there is no other additions of money?

Thank you very much for your time, Pls get back nto me, I dont wanna waste
this money on me to do other things, i really need fast reply so that i
purchase it now with immediate effect.

Oduntan Stephen Basic on 11/16/16 at 03:56 in mooSocial features
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We do provide installation service for $39/install. If you use Hostiso, they will install our script for you at no cost. mooSocial is fairly easy to install and there are instructions and video showing you how to do it. We do offer 1 month free support. Please visit https://moosocial.com/support-policy/ for details of our Support Policy.
As for licensing, you will only need to pay for the license once not every year. The license is perpetual and you can use mooSocial as long as you'd like. When buying a license, you are entitled to 12 months of free product updates. You will need to resubscribe to continue to receive product updates after this period expires but this won't prevent you from using mooSocial
Ryan Nguyen Basic on 12/26/16 at 03:24 Edited
1. They will install it for you for free. Or you could get your hosting with Hostiso.com and they help with everything moomoosocial.
2. Not sure about the sub domain but the $149 is a yearly fee if you want to rlatret The latest updates. 
Hope this helps 
Willie Frazier Basic on 12/25/16 at 17:02
Oh.. So I will be paying $149 per year???
Oduntan Stephen Basic on 12/26/16 at 03:17
 I already have a hosting account I'm using WordPress currently. Can the moosocial be installed there? 
Lastly I want full assistance in installation. How much is the cost and whom will i contact for this?
Oduntan Stephen Basic on 06/18/17 at 03:42
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