How to modify file in mooApp

    You can access to your server via FTP or CPANEL, then go to app\Plugin\MooApp\webroot\js directory to modify any file.js, to make mooApp apply change please follow those steps :

    1. Make sure Node.JS is installed on your server ( we recommend v8.11.1 or above ) then access your server via SSH, go to app\Plugin\MooApp\webroot\js directory and install module dependencies with npm : "npm install".
    2. Continue with "npm run build", wait until it gets 100% loading.
    3. Go to your site admincp to clear site cache, also please close current app and restart to help clear app's cache on both Android and IOS app .

    For developing, because each time you rebuild app, It takes a while for a source to compile and zip, so after pass with step 2, please follow :
    2.1 Continue with "npm run watch" ==> it help mooApp watch all mooapp file and auto apply your current change . Go to, choose Development 1 on System Mode.
    2.2 When you finish modifying, via SSH, continue with "npm run build", this is "the last time" build for your app. Then go to, switch System mode back to Production.
    Continue with step 3.


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