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When adding a new business, is there a way to have admin set Categories just like Business Type as a drop down. 

Either that or disable Category all together?
I've got plenty of requests and suggestions to help this plugin advance as well, should I make individual posts or compile them all into one?
Dusty Pack Basic on 06/08/19 at 23:18 in mooSocial plugins
For example: Say a few business are created that are upholstery shops and some of them misspell their category. Then in the Business Manager under the category tab, it's flooded with entries and there is no Data to display into the Business Category BLOCK on the Business page.

Now, if I go into the Business manager and manually add a Category and enable it.. Then the Category block shows up and is populated with the manually created entry.
on 06/08/19 at 23:31
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This is a bug we are waiting for a fix since February, it should not be very long now ...

Mike Basic on 06/10/19 at 12:07
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