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When we post an address we do not necessarily know the list of all categories, it misses an option to scroll category  list as in event ..

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exemple in event of wat is missing in business
yep, totally agree. The point is that users can write any category which they want, and if the category is not available it will be created new. But the new category is not displayed until an admin approve. I would like to see fixed categories created by an admin, which can be multiple selectable by users.
Oh yes it's true I forget to talk about this point thank you ketkew, I just discovered that too.
Already I took a long time to understand how it was possible I first thought of a bug, then I watch changelog I have not seen anything I do not even know since what version this is possible .
This may be useful for some sites but then for others it is not the case.
I looked in admin if there was a setting to fix it on "not possible for user to create category" I did not find anything ...
Have yo...  more
Have you a hint about this point in changelog ?
+ Business owner can select to switch to use 24 hour format or not for open hours
Does this mean that if I have a member who creates a business HE CAN decide if oppening hour are displayed in 24 or 12 hour format ?
The categories list will be changed to multiple select box at next coming version. It shows all categories for member to select. They also can search to select and also create a new one if it's not existing in database.
Mark "They also can search to select and also create a new one if it's not existing in database."

You have planned an admin setting to leave this possibility or not ?
It's amazing that people can create categories and admin has nothing to say, i never seen this lol, i hope it's a mistake
I agree with Michel .. it is unmanageable when you have a lot of users. Categories will become a big mess due to typos etc.. and categories which you don't want.

At all other sections (blog/videos/topic/etc) people are also unable to add categories by themselves (thank god!). In my community I have placed an html box in the corner of the page where I ask people to drop ideas for additional categories and place them in a special created "ideas" group.
I think it's not a big problem, member can add more categories but they that categories only visible with him/her.
Will add option for admin to enable/disable as suggested from Michel
Always keep in mind behavior of people ..
On 10 ads for the same thing you can be sure that you will have at least 4 different categories lol
Thank you for correcting the shot Mark
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