Ads - can they be iframe / dynamic?

I have been looking at a few affiliate adverts and many of them are not the "image and link" type, but have something like this to embed:-

<iframe src=";affid=385700&amp;widget-width=800" border="0" scrolling="no" style="border: 0px none; overflow: hidden; width: 629px; max-width: 800px; height: 253px; box-shadow: rgba(17, 17, 17, 0.12) 0px 16px 32px;" class="fasb-iframe-searchbox-widget"  data-origwidth="100%" data-origheight="253px" max-width="800" widget-width="800" width="100%" height="253px"></iframe>

I can allocate a space the right size, but I cannot find a way to make a dynamic advert work. If it cannot be done, that's fair enough, I can stop trying, but at the moment, I have a feeling it CAN be done, but I am not sure how.

I understand that the IMAGE type advert needs an image, but ones which use HTML, I thought might have allowed this to be provided by the advertising site - but it still demands that a banner is uploaded - even if it needs to come from the site (as above).

I have looked at the Knowledge base which is great for general setting up of adverts, but I am still unsure if it is possible to embed things like the link above or (for example) embedded game links. If it cannot be done, I will just find other affiliates, but if it CAN be done (especially if it can be done in the newsfeed), that would be awesome.

If this is already covered elsewhere, I apologise - but could not find it.

Also, for the next release of the ADs plugin, please see attached image - if we decide NOT to display the Title (Ads), then please can we also NOT display the Whitepspace for it either - as well as an extra line or two. Just remove the whitespace please.


Guy Tibbert Basic on 03/25/22 at 11:06 Edited in mooSocial plugins
1 Answer(s)
The html placement type needs image, description and URL, the description box can't embed the html code so that the iframe code can't be used. You can use html block to embed the html code, see
Mark Gold badges on 03/30/22 at 00:28
Thanks, I will look.

Can the next advert plug in release remove the excess white space on top of the advert though please (as shown in the image above) Although we can turn off the title, it still adds a lot of extra white space where the Title would have been. ?
on 03/30/22 at 08:29
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