How to setup facebook login api

    1/ Go to

    2/Login & select My apps/Add a New App:

    3/Fill in your Disable name and your contact email fields and click Create App ID button:


    4/ After your App created, Click Setting/Basic from left menu

    #1/ Enter your site Privacy Policy URL

    #2/ Enter your site Terms of Service URL

    #3/ Select Social Networks & Dating for Category field

    #4/ Click Add Platform, and select Website:

    After selected Platform is Website then ensure your Site URL is correct. 

    5/ Go to App Review below Settings tab, switch to Yes:


    6/ Create Product: Go to Dashboard from left menu and click Product and click Setup button for Facebook Login

    7/ After Set up button from Facebook login is clicked, it will link to Facebook login Quickstart page, select WWW icon:

    8/ Enter your site URL again on Tell us what the URL of your site is. 

    9/ Go to Facebooklogin/Settings and enter your valid OAuth redirect URIs, ex: your site url is then you need to enter into valid OAuth redirect URIs field

    10/ How to configure your Admin Dashboard:

    Go to Admin Dashboard/Socials Integration/Facebook


    Get #1 and #2 from fb app and copy to your Admin Dashboard/Socials Integration/Facebook

    #1: Your App ID from your FB app (in your FB app/Settings/Basic)

    #2: Your App Secret from your FB app (in your FB app/Settings/Basic, the App Secret will show after pressing Show button and re-enter your FB password.

    #3: Your callback url that configured from step 7.3 which has the format: [yoursite/social/auths/endpoint/facebook/]

    #4: Save Changes.

    *You dont need to config SDK version used in Admin Dashboard, system will be detected automatically.

    *Remember to check if any space in the fields.

    *Remember your site could be [https] instead of [http], they will not recognize if site was [https] and Client ID & Admin Dashboard were [http].

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