mooSocial 3.1 version Roadmap

It’s time for a road-map! We know how much you look forward to new releases and in getting information for upcoming ones. Below are what we will add and improve in next version 3.1 based on suggestions from clients. 


New Features + Enhancements for both mobile apps and web


  1. Reply to a comment
  2. Improve member search page. Currently, it will use "OR" to search so that in some cases search result is not correctly. We will change it to "And".
  3. Profile type: can translate profile type.
  4. Allow member can search people by "About" field
  5. Add photo/video upload limitation by user role (apply at main feed, photos and photo tab at groups plugin)
  6. Enable "Upload photos" when creating new topic/blog on mobile device
  7. Improve Daily email optimization - should send to active members only.
  8. Improve view photo theater mode - Allow member can back to the position he was after viewing/commenting on photos at theater mode.
  9. Close comment feature for post at activity feed, if the comment is closed for an activity, not one can comment on it.
  10. Add rotate left and right into edit/upload profile avatar
  11. Add "auto load more" into "pending join request" popup of restrict groups
  12. Pin post at feed (main feed, group and event)
  13. Enable subscription improvement: currently, If subscription module is enabled, existing members who have not subscribed to any packages before will be asked to select a package to continue using site. We will allow admin can assign all existing member to a default package so that they can continue using site without being asked.
  14. Deactivated profiles should stop getting notifications
  15. Section to manage all reports from members in admincp
  16. Develop some sort of check if some emails is not active anymore
  17. Site admin can copy categories from a module to another one
  18. Activity feed search + activity SEO optimization
  19. Set/Change default profile cover from admin
  20. Support smartphone emoji


Bug fixing : Will fix critical found bugs at previous version. List of bugs will update here later.


Timeline: update soon.

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