Road map for mooSocial 3.2

1. Add search message option
2. Option to crop thumb photos for items like blog, event...
3. Comments and reply sort issue as reported by Mike
4. Option to for conversation owner can remove member from his/her conversation
5. Option to search conversation
6. Youtube URL Embed Option in Topic Comments + auto parse link in comment
7. Profile Type Duplication
8. Check openstreetmaps to see if we can replace it with google api
9. Upload logo section in admin panel: Add a recommended logo size to tell admin best size for logo to upload
10. Change password improvement: password reset link had an expiry to it .. like 1 hour.
11. Ask member enter password before deleting an account
12. Option to enable/disable language, curently only can delete installed language if admin want to remove it
13. Distance search support for plugins that has location info.
14. Option to switch from google api to openstreetmaps for all plugins
15. Option to import states to existing countries in country manager section (admin panel)
16. Option to hide "everyone" activity tab at feed and apps
17. Delete group should auto change owner to admin
18. If memberA shared a photo + text -> text should also appear if memberB view A's photo in theater mode
19. View photos full screen an can zoom + download
20. View privacy setting for gender, age...
21. Can post youtube video without api key
22. Show new profile picture on feed after member change it
23. Group plugin: permission setting for members
24. Upload cover pictures to groups
25. Create a unified location search across all core and paid plugins that use location. Users just enter their location and how far to search and it show everything that is nearby to them such as event, businesses, classified listings, other members if you use who near me etc.
26.  Improve the "about" field at profile. In case a user has filled in the "about" section, please display this on a more "fancy" way to people who visit a user profile. I have tweaked this for my community (check screenshot), but I think this would be more nicer to have this standard.  
28. Fix some found bugs
Timeline:  4 months
Posted in Announcements on 05/12/19 at 06:52

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