mooSocial 3.1.3 release

We’re so excited to announce mooSocial 3.1.3 is now released and available to download at client area. 
Bug fixes
1. CSS is auto changed when switch site to production mode issue.
2. Cannot parse to share URLs that contains emoji
3. English spelling issues.
3. Some small XSS security issues
4. Comment issue on the photo details at theater mode
5. Paypal Express checkout: Increase waiting time to fix IPN return issue.
6. Number of events count is incorrect when user deletes all events
7. Cannot parse/share URL that contains capital text
8. What's new title should be changed on Home feed when admin changes it on Layout editor
9. Login box layout issue on chrome when first load the site.
10. Feed sort issue

1. Add accept/decline friend directly at notification popup. Now member can accept or decline friend request directly at notification popup. This changes is applied for both web and apps.
2. Don't allow super admins "login as" another super admin
3. Add a new permission setting called "Can send private message." into roles manager. This setting is selected by default
4. Auto up case for Currencies code. Ex: if admin enter usd -> system will auto change it to USD
5. Added "Hide mooSocial version ..." setting for site admin to show "Current version" info at admin dashboard or not.
6. Remove 'Verify email' step if user signs up using social buttons (Facebook, Google).
7. Update Facebook API follow changes from facebook
8. 'Powered by mooSocial' info is hidden by default after installing mooSocial.
9. Upgrade core to php 7.3
10. Auto add friends: Can add up to 20 members that auto be friend with new sign up user now.
11. Merge patch file from Sticker plugin, you don't need to install patch if you install Striker plugin in to 3.1.3
12. Option to for group conversaion owner can remove member from message group
13. Can post youtube video without api key
14. Integrate with openstreetmaps to allow admin to swith between openstreetmaps and google api. If you switched to openstreetmaps, mooSocial core and all plugins will use map + api from openstreetmaps instead of google map and google api.
15. Click on notification icon -> clear notification numbers (apply for both web and apps)
16. Option to crop the profile and cover photo on mobile web and apps
17. Add search message option into conversation.
18. If location field is required => states/city also be required.
19. If you share a link at comment or reply, it will auto parse and show link details + hyperlink like you share a link at "What's new" box. Not apply for mobile apps now.
20. Profile type duplication. You can create a new profile type by duplicating existing profile type to save time.
21. Remove "report" on his/her own profile page.
Importance notes:
+ All of paid plugins are compatible with 3.1.3 version.
+ For plugins that use google api map. Please wait for next version so that you can switch them between google api or openstreetmap api. It will works with 3.1.3 but please dont switch to openstreetmap api.
+ Mobile apps: are compatible with 3.1.3 version.
+ If you’re using custom theme or paid theme or site has been customized. You should test it with new version at development site first before upgrading.
+ DO NOT upgrade your live site until you have a full backup of your site’s files, database and have successfully performed a test upgrade on your development (test) site first.
We hope you will enjoy this new update as much as we’ve enjoyed baking it. Do let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for this version below.
mooSocial Team
Posted in Announcements on 12/03/19 at 02:35

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