[Reviewing] Blog list not show private blog

Hi all
I just noticed one thing about blog:
When I view the 'All Entries', I see my 3 public posts but not one that is private...  yet it is also mine, so I should logically be seen in this view. or no ?

When I view the "My Entries" I see my private post ( down.. in French) but there is no visual indication that this is a private post.

I notice that at no time do we see the permissions for the posts .. who has the right to read .. I should edit the post to watch what option is tick.
For a community that uses many blogs this can be a source of error and for the member who uses a lot the blog plugin this will quickly become difficult for him to know what post is public, for these friends or just for him :/
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Posted in v2.1.2 Bug Reports on 10/29/14 at 13:06
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I think we should show privacy status on each entry at My Entries page. Are you agree with my idea?

And please, do that by default the post is showing "close" to it will make a list like the "All Entries" .Currently posts are displayed directly , if you have a lot, it must scroller much to find the right post I did not check that could give sight "Friens entri'es" but it would have to be also a list
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