[Resolved 2.4.0] Upcoming Event Listings

Not sure if this is a bug or not..
But I noticed in one of my customers sites that the Upcoming events isn't listed by the date of what event is going to happen first..
But instead it lists the events by category first then date...

As you can see in the example the Widget of upcoming events on the right is displaying the events properly by date. 
But the Events Page preview in the middle isn't..
The middle Page Preview sorts by category then date..
Because the preveiw page defaults to upcoming events when the events menu is clicked, Shouldn't it display the 1st event that is happening soonest by date?
Posted in v2.3.0 Bug Reports on 01/18/16 at 05:00
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Sort order of Event's listing (upcoming event) will be fix to display event that happening soonest first. It will be fixed in our upcoming version.
Hi Daniel Fielden

Thanks for you report, this issue will fix on next version.

This has been resolved in 2.4.0.
I'm glad that the default event listing has been fixed. However, I'd like the events to be in descending order when viewing past events, so you can see the most recent event first. For event category pages, it might be nice for the user to be able to change the sort order with a toggle. Thanks for your consideration!
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