[Resloved] Where can I translate "or using" ?

Where can I translate the text "or using" in the header or at the member login page? (see attached picture)
Because it's not available in the default language file?

Posted in v2.3.0 Bug Reports on 02/09/16 at 09:11
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Great, found it already

It was in the Elements/signin.ctp file, but why isn't this in the language file? I see a lot of english words still hardcoded in the core? Next update I need to change it again?
Just if anybody noticed this in other areas of mooSocial core code:-

My mooSupport team will check and add to core if it is missing from the language file. Thanks!

Move to Bug Report for the moment!
Hi Sir,

Thanks for your report, we are fixing this issue, and it will update on next version.

I would just take this little bit of code out... I think we all know you can login with social accounts.


Or just add "login with" to the buttons lol

Maybe just a tooltip for the buttons "You can also login with facebook"
This issue fixed on 2.4.0
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