[Unresolved 2.4.0] Comment fields must be clicked twice before I can write

In the comments section I always must klick twice until the field gets activated. Browser: Latest chrome. Windows.
Posted in v2.3.0 Bug Reports on 02/10/16 at 15:05
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There seam to be issues with google chrome on OS windows for some people. Raise a support ticket.

Also issues with chrome:-

Our mooSupport team will review this issue and let you know our findings when we are back to business next week. Thanks!
Hi Metaltreff.net,

This issue will fix on next version.

This has been resolved in 2.4.0.
I do not see that the problem is solved. in the new feeds on the 2.4.1 https://community.moosocial.com/home in the comments so far, need 2 times click
Thanks skip! mooSupport, please review.
Hi skip,
I try test on community and it is working well, please see https://youtu.be/FxmNsnJNoFg .
And for some reason I need to click 2 times to add a comment.See screenshots. After the first press, I have expanded the field for comment, and the second press, I can comment on.
This occurs if you respond to a comment
Hi skip, we can replicate the issue and confirm this bug. We thought this was the same problem which was fixed. We will be looking in to this issue. Thanks!
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