[Resolved 2.4.0] Topic TinyMCE drag text area bug

Hi guys, why can't I drag the TinyMCE text area when I'm creating a topic?

Can we add this option?
Posted in v2.3.0 Bug Reports on 02/15/16 at 11:17
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Has anybody got the same issue?
We noticed that and will fix it in the upcoming version - with mooSupport
Hi Eddie,
This issue will fix on next version.
This has been resolved in 2.4.0.
Hi Ryan Nguyen, are you sure that "Resolved" is the right word. I'm sure it means that you are determined to complete the task. But if it has been completed should it not just say "solved"???
You could say "this will be resolved in ver2.4.1" as it has not been released yet. lol
This has been resolved in 2.4.0. This actually is a "final status" we use to close out bugs or development tasks in our project management system.

past tense: resolved; past participle: resolved
settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).
So it should be in the middle of the title or at the end. Anyway no matter its your way to highlight which issues have been completed and solved lol
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