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We have a community but only want community members to be allowed to register on our moosoicial site.  Can we automate this by providing a member list to a DB on MOO and then MOO will only allow members on that DB list to register???  This would be best cos it would be automated.
Alternatively option 2 would be each registration needs to be manually approved.  If we had to go this route can moo send the admin a notification when there is a registration request that needs approval>
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Hi Jonathan, there is another way. The mooSocial script has a option to you can use in the admin CP. The option is in the [ Security Tab ]. It is called [ Registration Code ] you can enter any code in this area and only give it to your members to register.

No one can register with out it!
That way you can bulk email all your members with this code and the link to register to your new community.

Doing it this way you don't need to use or migrate a database or approve anybody.

This will save...  more
Currently each registration could be manually approved. This feature could be located in System Setting > Security > Approve Users.

Send us a message for Custom Development if you would like to add automated registration feature per your requirement. Thanks!
Eddie, I like that so I send each member a 'link' that they need to register perfect!

Now what about when they cease to be a member is there a way that I can automate terminating their moosocial account?

Oo elser presumably once aweekIi can export a list of cancelled and expired members and manually take them off Moosocial.

Can you think of a better way?
Is it possible to export a csv of existing moosocial registrants?

Also realistically when will the IOS version be available???
Ok i have bought and installed moo!
Eddie, I have enabled registration code but 'Registration Code' field is empty how do i get the code?
Enter any code you want in the box.
You need to enter code in to "Registration Code" and send it to ones who want to sign up to your site. See screenshot for more details.
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