mooSocial has a new update - 2.4.0!

It is finally here! The newest version of mooSocial - 2.4.0 is now available for download. In this version, JavaScript layer has been refactored and modularized. Core CSS files are now minified. These changes give mooSocial a major performance boost. Additional feature development and customizing mooSocial is now easier and much more manageable. Thanks to the suggestions and reports of our customers. Many other improvements and bug fixes are also included. Please see below for a detail list of improvements and bug fixes. There are a few minor additions from what was listed in this version’s roadmap. 
Important Upgrade Note: Please read carefully before upgrading your social network sites.
  • Make sure to obtain compatible updates with this version for add-ons (mobile app, themes and plugins) used on your social network sites prior to upgrading if you wish to use them after upgrade. All incompatible add-ons should be disabled until they are upgraded with a version compatible with 2.4.0. Check Addons’ listing or contact your addons’ creator if you have any compatibility questions.
  • Only sites running 2.3.1 are qualified to be upgraded to 2.4.0. Any sites running an older version prior to 2.3.1 will need to be upgraded to this version before moving to 2.4.0
  • DO NOT upgrade your live site until you have a full backup of your site’s files, database and have successfully performed a test upgrade on your development (test) site first.
Major Improvement:
  • JavaScript layer refactor 
  • CSS minify
Other Improvements:
  • Hide/Show blocks based on User Roles
  • (Re)Add Chronological sort style for comments and messages - as an admin option.
  • Move Share button to Like/Dislike section in item detail
  • Add maximum upload file size option
  • Add "Unspecfied" gender (their) to current gender list. - Requested by Jordan
  • Confirmation email notification and Resend Email button - Requested by Moo Fan
  • Adding language packs for tinymce editor.
  • Improve User Mention
  • Improve install process - MOOSOCIAL-2931
  • Notification pop-up and listing improvement: "Mark as Read" and "Mark all as Read"
  • Message listing improvement: "Mark as Read" and "Mark all as Read" (Meassage dropdown box will be improved later)
  • Display improvement for Feed Items posted in Groups and Events
  • Multilingual support for Page Title and Description
  • Spell check enabled for html editor
Bug Fixes:
  • Topic TinyMCE drag text area bug - reported by Eddie
  • Comment fields must be clicked twice before I can write - reported by
  • Css bug under ios 9.2.1 - reported by Michel
  • Cookies Deny Url - reported by Kevin Taylor
  • View all comments Bug - reported by Michel
  • Unable To Delete Spam Message - reported by Gary and Rhonda
  • Events and Images.. - reported by Daniel Fielden
  • When no birthday is entered on registration, users set to January 1st - reported by Jordan
  • Upcoming Event Listings - reported by Daniel Fielden
  • Translation for Closed Network phrases
  • Scrolling issues in topics for subcategories - Reported by Eddie
  • Group topic bug - people who likes this and comments link - Reported by Eddie
  • Language Issues - Reported by Vitor Pereira
  • Remove color code from hashtag - reported by Eddie
  • "Birthday is today" and other phrases translation - reported by Nickel
  • Logout status does not update when pressing browser's back botton after logged out
  • Re-sort feed when item's comment is deleted - MOOSOCIAL-2933
  • Create a new phrase for "To" at create/edit Event - MOOSOCIAL-2901
  • Change Comment button to Reply button on message detail (new language phrase) MOOSOCIAL-2900
  • Missing language phrase for add friend feed - MOOSOCIAL-3022
  • Missing Gender info phrase in Profile user info tab - MOOSOCIAL-2847
  • People You May Know is broken when display name so long - MOOSOCIAL-3057
Thank you for all your suggestions and support to help make our social network script better each time! We hope you will enjoy using mooSocial just as much as we enjoyed baking it.
Posted in Announcements on 05/06/16 at 00:37
Comments (58)
Ryan Nguyen when will the official 2.4.1 thread will be made with all changes? and do you have any clue how long it will take to make Ads plugin compatible with 2.4.x, we are almost in June
Hi Guys!!! It's been over 12 months since we purchased MooSocial, so we have never had to pay for an upgrade. How much is it to upgrade to the new version with the sharing feature?
Hi Nicky, you could renew your Update Subscription to obtain the latest version. Log in to the Client Area and click on Standard License to renew.
Ever since the update am I the only one that has tested the Android application that doesn't get push notifications anymore. I have tested push notifications on several of my devices and send messages to myself and push notifications no longer works
I still get notification just fine. Did you turn off notification from app setting?
Just to be sure...2.4.1 is the latest...correct?
Yes! 2.4.1 is the latest.
if i want trial version where get this ???
i want to see code demo ?
I'm currently in 2.3.1 and i don't have notification about 2.4.0 update, any idea ?
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