How to create API keys for Vimeo ?

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Step1/ Go to

Step2/ Login with your account

Step3/ Select API or My Apps


Step4/ Click “Create a new app”

Step5/ Fill all required fields

1: Enter App Name

2: Enter App Description

3: Enter App URL ( your site URL )

Step6/ After fill on your’s App → click “Create app” button it will show:

Step7/ Choose “Authentication” tab



And go to Admin Dashboard / Plugins Manager / Upload Video / Settings

           Get 1, 2 and 5 from vimeo app and copy:

            To get Access token (5), you need:

  • Check full option scopes ( 3 )
  • Click “Generate Token” button ( 4 )

1 : Your vimeo key from your Vimeo app ( Client Identifier )

2: Your vimeo secret From your Vimeo app ( Client Secrets )

3: Your access token from your Vimeo app ( Access Token URL )

Step8/ Click “Save Settings” button to complete.

Posted in on 06/17/16 at 05:23
Comments (7)
Tell me please, VIMEO there restrictions? video can only upload 10mb?
Uploaded video 4mb. I have been waiting for 1 hour, in the process of loading. So it should be?
I need to do Request Upload Permissions?
If yes, how to do?
Hi Skip,
Can you setup vimeo api?
It is properly here
App Callback URLs what you put
Hi Georgios,
Please go to to see detail App CallBack URLs to for what.

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