New version released with multiple bug fixes and improvements.

mooSocial Team is glad to announce the release of version 2.5.1. This is a minor update but nevertheless is our commitment keeping our software working at optimal conditions so you could focus on building and expanding your social network. It contains multiple bug fixes and improvements suggested by you - our customers. Installation package is available in the Client Area for all current subscribers. This release could be used either as a new site install or upgrade from existing community running version 2.5.0.
All Add-ons - themes and plugins - are compatible with this version. You can upgrade your existing community (version 2.5.0) immediately without needing to wait for Add-on compatibility updates. 
Details of this version is below. Please click here for a complete file change log. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
mooSocial Team
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix error when viewing detail of a group feed posted by users with private profile - #3410
  • Fix error when creating “Text Area” custom profile field type - #3412
  • Fix sitemap issue for links in Russian - #3416
  • Fix issue with sitemap file contains special characters - #3418
  • Fix layout issue for RTL languages - #3420
  • Fix issue when sharing text with youtube link on Newsfeed - #3421
  • Fix display issue of Logout link on mobile web - #3422
  • Fix URL parsing issue when pasting link with addition text - #3424
  • Fix deletion issue of group’s topic - #3430
  • Fix link sharing issue for links with Cyrillic title - #3432
  • Fix page load issue on mobile web caused by user action when CSS is being loaded - #3434
  • Fix friend invite to Event on iOS mobile web - #3450
  • Fix display issue of message/notification when cookies notification is enabled - #3459
  • Fix Newsfeed item duplication when sharing in mobile apps - #3469
  • Fix parsing issue for Youtube link due to Youtube’s new requirements - #3476 
  • Fix password reset issue in offline mode - #3478
  • Disable auto login for un approved user in mobile apps if "Approve user” option is enabled - #3431
  • Remove URL display from link sharing - MOOSOCIAL-3415
  • Add language phrase of “and” for string “[User] joined group [groupA] and [groupB]” - #3423
  • Allow changing position of %s for translation purpose - #3439
  • Improvements to Location custom field - #3414
  • Allows individual to turn on/off group’s notification - #3475
  • Add “Approve” user button (if "Approve user” option is enabled) into edit profile in admincp - #3431
  • Add Email templates and email notifications for pending approval, approved, and disabled user account - #3431
  • Responsive support for login form in “offline mode” - #3463
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Comments (27)
Hello! When we updated to the new version my Video add on stopped working. This is actually the second time this has happened. Not sure why. Is this happening to anyone else? Or is this issue only on my end...

Last time I sent a support ticket to had said that for some reason some of the files we deleted. Then you fixed it an it was fine. I use hostiso to upgrade my you think that it is something they are doing? Or is this something that others are experiencing. Here is what...  more
Is there patch version for 2.5.1?
Yes, if there are critical bugs. Otherwise, we will roll the non-criticals along with new improvements.
Don't know if it's to this version, but youtube video won't show for play both on Safari and Chrome at iPhone.
The problem I had synonymous delete times from the Safari the course and start it times again then the video should be there
I hated synonymous surprised that on my Apple devices no videos are there
Had safari chach deleted and it went again
Nice work on the rollout! Lets stabilize and continue security patches, perfomrance updates and bug fixes! Hats off to @ryan and team!

Btw- any plans for new themes?
There are a bunch of themes already available, Jack. None of them fit your needs?
You guys have quite some themes, true. However was just wondering if anything else themewise was in the works. Ive selected 3 that im pondering on purchasing however not 100% there yet. The only major difference in most themes is landing page and the styling of colors and a few objects within the theme (moobuk and plus) have slightly different menus but i feel like smthg in terms of slickness is missing. But thats just me. I like design (clean and simple) and as a sole customer i would need to h...  more
The slickness is missing in all of them, agree with this.
There is a problem with the current version.
The people I get displayed as result
Is + Add or Add Friends with no function
It does not happen when it is clicked
Bug ???
Will fix but you can change to "add friend" or any other word in .po file.
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