Mobile Apps 1.2 Roadmap


Mobile Apps (Android and IOS) improvements + bug fixing
  • UX Improvements for both Android, iOS Apps
    • Splash screen - Slideshow
    • Improve layout to increase user friendliness
  • Share What’s New Improvements (Home, User Profile, Group, Event)
    • Friend Mention
    • Take photo from camera
    • Upload Multiple Images
    • Link Sharing
    • Optimization
    • New mobile-friendly layout
  • Comment Improvements
    • Friend Mention
    • Take photo from camera
    • Optimization
    • New mobile-friendly layout
  • Social Connect
    • Facebook
    • Google
  • Splash Screen Slider
  • Newsfeed speed optimization
  • Invite Code integration
  • Improve Chat integration in mobile apps
Timeline: 2-3 months, will release around Sept 
Splash Screen Slider:
New customizable Intro slideshow allows you to introduce your app's purpose and highlight important features to your users.


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Home, Share What's New and Tag Friends


Menu, Profile Settings and Profile







Posted in Announcements on 01/06/17 at 06:11
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frank if you're urgent to launch site, please use old app first. We need around 1 month to make all plugins compatible with apps.

Matteo Curto yes, it's possible.
ya, that is the problem and also as I have been waiting since December, I think it is not 100% sure that it will be done within 1 month. But old app needs some re-skinning (investment as well) but I may have to do it again later(within few months when the new app is out) as I believe the platform for app creation is going to really confused as the timeframe are not concrete and is like "how it goes"...
App 1.2 and mooSocial 3.0.1 are available in client area finally, we will announce soon.

Importance: Only core plugins (blogs, topics, groups, events, videos and photos plugin) are compatible with app 1.2 now. Most of paid plugins are not compatible with app 1.2, so that do not upgrade to 1.2 if you're using a lot of plugins from us. Plan for plugins is end of Apr.
I understand that only core plugins are there now and that is the problem. I use many plugins and waiting from December 2017 to launch the site, hoping the app will be complete(have been in constant contact). So, don't know what to do.
As Daniel said, the problem has been no definite dates and non-compliance with a suggested or promised release date in past. I waited for 3 months for classified to be integrated into the app which was supposed to come in January.
Most of the big companies, the...  more
Good luck with cometchat.. I advice you to reconcider your decision
That’s great moosocial 3.0.1 is available for download. Is that compatible with mobile app 1.1? I cannot upgrade anything until the plugins are compatible with moosocial 3.0.1 and mobile app 1.2. I hope the end of the month is a realistic timeframe. Also what new features or functionality comes with moosocial 3.0.1??
So essentially, I need to wait to update everything right?
Sounds about right @adam lol
if you're using paid plugins, you should wait. If not, can upgrade now.
I'm trying to compile and I get this error ERROR: Android dependency '' is set to compileOnly/provided which is not supported
Tung Vu   
Hi adam Philips please use

implementation(' {
transitive = true;
I reinstalled the new version mobile application, I can say that I am very satisfied with the new improvements, and speed
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