Website traffic statistics addon Version 1.2 is release

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Website traffic statistics addon Version 1.2 is release. Some found bugs are fixed:

+ Fix slow loading for Hit Stats widget
+ Fix search for app
Posted in on 04/03/17 at 04:02
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At first I thought the hit stats widget wasn't working, because it's got nothing in it when page finishes loading. But if you wait about 30 seconds, the stats finally show up in the widget.
On my guest (non-logged in) landing page, the stats widget now shows the member login. But only on the guest landing page. Logged in, it shows just fine.
Hi sir,

Please submit a ticket, we will help you check it.

Yes Kent, doing that now. Thank you. I thought it might be permissions on that widget, so I went to layout editor for my landing page, clicked on the edit on the site stats widget, and edit will not open. I'll include that in the ticket.
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