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There is a small problem that gives headache, I will try to explain the best possible:
1) look at this picture, it's a large one because it's better for example


Ok now go to admin setting from this plugin, put this picture as background for bodystyle and disable all other landing block so you have only bodystyle on.



now when you go to site you see that picture is not resized and that there is not even a scroll bar in browser

1920x 1080 is my screen resolution, screen is in full view




When you active other bloc you see all is ok, background image inside bloc are well resized, this is just this one who dont go well


(For capture,  just imagine that there is a browser around thank you lol)


So and now why this gives headache ?  Because we can not put a background picture in bodystyle and leave  other blocks in transparency :/

I do not say that it is necessarily a bug, but in any case it is not practical of all


Posted in on 10/24/18 at 20:45
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Please if you have a fix for this, share it
Long Tran   
Hi Michel , It not bug as I think , when you disable all of block except body block , so it mean no block for scrolling , only background image so that do not have scroll . It not depend on how BIG your bg image uploaded is , CSS do job here , it rescale the image to fit the screen .
Hi Long Tran, thank's for reply

- when you disable all of block except body block
This is why I posted latest image, you can see there is other bloc not only body style.
(absence of scrollbar was just to mention that there is a problem of css at this place)

- CSS do job here , it rescale the image to fit the screen .
absolutely not, css does it everywhere except in the body style block, please I take time to explain and make topic,
try to reproduc this with my big picture and you see.what ...  more
Long Tran   
Can you give me your site via chat message for checking , I do not have demo here .
Many thank's for your help Long Tran, i'm happy it's working fine now
For those who are interested, here is final result with backround image perfectly centered
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