Pay attention to translation center

For some time now, something strange happened in translation center

Precision: I would never believe that a French will redo work of another French, especially if he can get it for free.
We are a grumpy nation ok but no morons. Thank you haha 

So, I see that since about 6 months ago there are 2 news French transalor who likes to translate in center.
One has translated things that were not made, perfect, ... but the other has fun to retranslate things that are already translated.

Either he's stupid or he does perhap's  not know how transaltion center works.
As I can not contact him but you yes, thank you to ask him what he has for fun and eventually,
bring him back here, If we combine our efforts we will move faster.

Akromitto4 is his kik name

fevrier 2019 - User note

etc... etc .. Please keep me informed

Posted in on 03/19/19 at 13:15

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